Apple iPhone 5S Could Be Half As Cheap Once The iPhone SE Is Revealed

The iPhone SE is all set for an unveiling later this month as per innumerable reports in the media. New word from sources are now indicating that instead of completely replacing the iPhone 5s, the SE might actually have a different impact on the 2013 Apple flagship.

It is said that prices of the iPhone 5s could go down by 50% once the iPhone SE is released, indicating that the smartphone will not become obsolete with the arrival of the new iPhone. As reports have continually told us, the iPhone SE will be a replacement to the iPhone 5s and will borrow the same design as well.

It was largely believed that the iPhone 5s would reach end of life status once the iPhone SE is released, but that doesn’t appear to be the case, well at least according to this revelation by Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities. Perhaps Apple will keep selling the iPhone 5s in developing markets like India where there’s still plenty of demand for the handset.

As for concerns about the customers confusing the two handsets, we don’t think that should be a problem considering the kind of hardware it’s expected to be packing in comparison to the iPhone 5s. As of now, the iPhone 5s can be bought for as low as Rs 21,499 (16GB). So this revelation tells us that the handset will be closing in on the Rs 10,000 mark once the iPhone SE has been launched.


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