Mauka Mauka – India vs Pakistan ICC WT20 2016

Aaaand he’s back. The Mauka man, aka the character created by Star Sports for their World Twenty20 advert last year, has returned in a sequel commercial, and this time he’s Skyping with Afridi.

The ad is based on India’s four-time winning streak against Pakistan in the World Twenty20 series and features a man who appears to have grown up waiting for Pakistan to win so he can put his box full of fireworks to good use.

In the sequel ad, the man talks to ‘Shahid bhai‘ over Skype, and entreats him to show India how to hit a sixer. Star Sports, however, is hopeful for a fifth win. Watch the full ad below:

The ICC World T20 2016 has brought back another Mauka, as Pakistan has lost to India all 4 times in the past.
Pakistan’s loyal fan appeals to Shahid Afridi to get the job done. Will his dream come true? Or will this game end in another disappointment?


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